Sump Pumps

Installing a sump pump into your home isn’t exactly fun, but it can sometimes be necessary. Sump pumps will take water that builds up in certain spaces, drain them into a basin, and then pump the water away from the house.

This water can come from storm drains, or natural groundwater, and would normally cause flooding in your basement. A sump pump keeps your basement dry, and your home in order!


sump pump in home


water on floor in basement of home

Do You Need A Sump Pump?

Not every home needs a sump pump. If you have a basement that is underground, particularly below the water table, this is where a pump is needed. It will prevent flooding and dampness in your basement.

  • Is your basement underground?
  • Is your basement below the water table?
  • Does your basement ever flood from rain or groundwater?


What You Should Know About Sump Pumps

A sump pump is not the most attractive thing to put into your house, but it may be needed to keep it dry. Here are a few things you should know about them.

  • Out of the Way – A sump pump is located in a basement, and generally out of the way of living areas. It may not be very attractive, but luckily people won’t be looking at it too much!
  • Where the Water Goes – Water is pumped away from the house, so that it won’t leak back inside through the ground, to a place that can handle water runoff away from the house.
  • Keep it Maintained – A pump can collect dirt and debris, and it’s recommended to have it looked at once a year!


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