Laundry Room Plumbing

Laundry is never a fun chore, but it’s a much easier task when your equipment is working well, and you don’t have to leave the comfort of your own home.

When it comes to getting laundry done, having your plumbing in the laundry room taken care of is essential. Your washing machine not only pumps in water to clean your clothes, it then drains the water after they have been cleaned.


woman holding folded towels in sunny laundry room


washing machine in laundry room with clothes infront

What Uses Plumbing?

For a laundry room there are not as many plumbing focused appliances, but the ones that are in there are essential. If you don’t want your laundry room covered in water, you’ll make sure these things are taken care of!

  • Sinks
  • Washing Machine
  • Drainage Spot


Some Great Additions For Your Laundry Room


Laundry Pro 2.0

The Laundry Pro 2.0 attaches directly to your washing machine, and uses ActivePure Technology to clean your clothing. When using the Laundry Pro…

  • You won’t need Laundry Detergent
  • Your clothes will be brighter and fluffier
  • It’s better for sensitive skin



Lint Alert

If you want to add one more easy layer of home safety equipment, the Lint Alert is a great addition. Fires from built up lint are a real issue, and installing the Lint Alert system will help you prevent this.

The Lint Alert System will show you how well air is flowing from your dryer to your dryer vent outside, and let you know when it needs to be cleaned out!

Lint Alert For Your Home


Repairs and Fixes - Laundry Room

Having a broken down washing machine is extremely inconvenient. Having to take time and go to the laundromat can be a pain, so keeping this equipment taken care of is essential!

  • Fixtures Working - Making sure your washing machine is filling with water and draining properly is important.
  • Leaks - An obvious problem to notice is a leak. This could be water on the ground around your equipment, or a drip from a sink faucet.
  • Clogging or Slow Draining - If there is a sink that doesn't drain as easily as it should, especially when the washer begins to empty, it could result in some serious water damage!


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