Bathroom Plumbing

When you think of plumbing in your New Jersey home, your first thought is probably your toilets and shower. They depend on proper plumbing to function, and are an essential part to any home.

Whether you are repairing old parts, installing new appliances, or maybe installing a whole new bathroom, the plumbing is the foundation that your bathroom will be built on. If your toilet, shower, and sink don’t function, then this bathroom becomes pretty useless quickly!


Bathroom with plumbing and tile


Hot showers

What Uses Plumbing?

The bathroom is more obvious when it comes to the need for adequate plumbing. Almost every appliance in the bathroom requires some sort of plumbing function.

  • Sinks
  • Showers
  • Toilets
  • Drains


Repairs and Fixes – Bathroom

Fixing any plumbing problems in your bathroom is usually more of a pressing issue than many other plumbing problems. If your toilet or shower aren’t working right, there is a clear issue, and you won’t be able to live comfortably until they are taken care of. So what are some of the things you can look for when it comes to your bathroom plumbing…

  • Fixtures Working – Making sure your sinks, shower, drains, and toilets are all working. If something isn’t functioning properly, you will need some help.
  • Leaks – An obvious problem to notice is a leak. This could be a shower that drips water, a sink that won’t turn off, or a toilet that seems like it’s always running.
  • Water Pressure and Function – Water pressure in a shower is something that everyone has a preference on. If your water pressure drops, it could be a sign something is wrong… and you’ll have an bad shower!
  • Clogging or Slow Draining – If there is a sink or shower that doesn’t drain as easily as it should, or maybe a toilet that isn’t flushing properly, a plumber will likely be needed!


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  • Are worried about old plumbing

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